88 88 88888888888 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88aaaaa 88 88 88""""" 88 88 88 Y8a. .a8P 88 `"Y8888Y"' 88 Version: 1 "UF" is a traditional Forth system for the "uxn/varvara" virtual computer. Uf is written in Tal and itself and provides an interactive text interface, uxn assembler, decompiler and screen editor. The implementation strategy is a mixture of subroutine-threading and native code generation, but currently only minimal optimizations are performed. The mapping of Forth source code to VM instructions is nevertheless relatively direct, so performance should be more than sufficient in all but the most speed-critical situations. Cells are 16 bits, the full system consists of around 20K, with around 4K needed for screen memory and buffers. Suggestions for improvement or patches providing enhancements and corrections are very welcome, see the User's manual for information on how to contact the author. This software was written by Felix L. Winkelmann and has been released into the public domain. Do with it whatever you like. Installation instructions and general information
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Release History: Version 1: * Initial release
gopher://schinkel.bevuta.com/1/uf/uf | gemini://schinkel.bevuta.com/uf/uf.gmi